Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Nice Surpise

Allowing your chickens to free range, giving them their complete freedom during the day, has it's advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages, especially in this area are predators, like coyotes, hawks, etc. So you just have to expect the occasional chicken loss to farm this way. I've been missing one of my Dominique hens for a few weeks now.

The good news is, we found her. The better news is that she wasn't alone.
If you have ever raised a chicken who has gone broody, you know that she has a distinctive clucking compared to the other hens in the flock. I saw this hen walking across the yard with this distinct cluck. She disappeared in a pile of brush.
When we went over to the pile, there she was, settled down in a nice nest of dried leaves in the middle of the pile, clucking softly. We saw 2 chicks, and there is at least one egg yet to go.

I have walked by this brush pile at least a half a dozen times a day, and never saw nor heard them until this afternoon.  It looks like I'm not quite ready to move that brush pile yet.

It is an exciting time for me and this little hen. She is my first Dominique to go broody, and my hope is that she passes this trait on to her babies.

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