Thursday, February 11, 2010

Great Chicken Mystery

Wendy and I went to put the chickens in tonight and discovered that 3 of them were missing.
Problem is one of them was Wendy's favorite Dominique. Don't get me wrong, we've lost a chicken to a hawk and one to what I believe is a coyote. So we expect to lose one here or there, but 3 at one shot?

I couldn't find a sign of them anywhere, not even where something might had got them and left some feathers. Just nothing.

We are hoping that the three of them are holed up somewhere in the woods and will come home tomorrow.

In any event, my shotgun will be going with me when I work on the pig pen tomorrow, and I dare whatever it was to come back and visit.

Just got back in from taking my shotgun for a walk. I wanted to see if any of the missing birds came home. Lo and behold, there were 2 of them roosting on one of my step ladders that are leaning against the barn. The best part was that one of the was Wendy's little friend, the Dominque. I will sleep better tonight now. The Dominiques and Delawares are like my "prize" chickens.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Future Farmer or Daddy's Girl?

I'm not sure which one our Princess is enjoying more...the latest edition of Hobby Farms, or the quality time with Daddy?

Yeah, I think it's both, too.

Join in the WW fun here and here.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Busy Winter

It's been a busy winter around here. Evverything from vehicles breaking down to the heat going out in the house. Our propane heating system hasn't worked right since we bought the house this past spring, and after this last time, I got fed up with it and put a good old fashioned wood heater in the living room. That old jewel does a good enough job that it heasts the whole down stairs and does a decent job up stairs. It gets nice and warm on the landing. The other week during the ice storm, it was a balmy 84 degrees in the house.

The chickens are doing a good job for us. We are averaging 18 eggs a day and are developing some good customers.